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Sat, Jun. 12th, 2004, 02:02 pm

omg i went to landslide every day of the week so far and there waz these three girls and the 1 in da black waz so hot but brandon liked the 1 in the blue and its waz so fun cause we just hung out and i taut her how to ollie but she had flip flops on so it didnt go 2 well. but i found dis room under the launch ramp and it is soo cool.i caint wait till nex fri. couse she will b thurr and i caint wait to c her!!!!!!!!!!

im so tired couse i stayed at landslide for 11 hours and the bands sucked but i didnt eaven watch them.

bam margera is goin to landslide but i caint tell u when couse linda(owner of landslide) said we caint tell any 1 couse shes tellin the sponsourd people and the people on the team thurr and me first and untill we get r tickets she will tell every 1 els and he will bring yellowstrips and sum otherband!!!!!